About The Museum

Established in 1980, the National Museum of Roller Skating provides the public with an experience to reflect on and understand the sport of roller skating and its history.  With exhibits containing artifacts dating back to the early 19th century, the museum presents roller skating throughout the years.  

The museum's grand opening to the public was on April 13th, 1982. 

The Museum houses the largest collection of roller skating items in the world and also houses the National Roller Skating Archives which contains publications and information on the people, objects, and events connected to roller skating's history.

The building is shared with USA Roller Sports, the national governing body of roller sports. The historical building was formerly used by Lincoln Telegram and Telegraph Company as a utility warehouse. 

Board of Trustees


President: Kim Wall

Vice President: Nellie Anderson Lillie

Treasurer: Alan Bacon


Annelle Anderson

Danny Brown

Dominic Cangelosi

Charlene Conway

William Hoefler

Ed Hughes (RSA Representative)

Michael Jacques

Jim Link

Linda Miner

Tina Robertson Winkler

Andy Starr

Peggy Young (Corporate Secretary)