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Basement Renovation




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Funds raised to date:

To Donate:

  1. Go to the museum's donation page (

  2. Select the amount you wish to donate

  3. Check "Basement Renovation"

  4. Click donate

  5. Click check out

  6. Enter your card details

The museum's building flooded in the basement storage area in the spring of 2021. Constructed in 1936 using colonial revival style, the building flooded due to its age. A portion of the museum's collections suffered mold and water damage. The museum entered crisis management and hastily moved a portion of our collections to a back storage area to prevent further damage. The basement storage area is no longer an option for use as, during significant weather events, water still enters the building.

The stewardship and preservation of the museum's collections are paramount to the museum's mission of preserving the legacy of roller skating so that future generations may learn and take inspiration from its past as a recreational activity, a competitive sport, and a commercial enterprise.

This project provides a firm foundation for the museum to better care for its collections, leading to more programming and cementing its place in the community. Additionally, the storage space within the basement will allow the museum to easily rotate its exhibits, grow its collection, and truly use the resources available to the museum to create the best experience possible for our patrons.

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