Membership Recognition

We want to thank and recognize all our members for helping maintain the National Museum of Roller Skating!!

(Please inform us if you would like to remain anonymous at:

Grand Benefactor

Dominic Cangelosi

Shirley Engle


Alan & Judy Bacon

Danny Brown

Grand Patron

Annelle & Bob Anderson

Scott Kleiman

Elizabeth Nolan

Kim Wall


Bob Babcock

Richard Cabral

Julie Cerza

Charlene Conway

Joe and Betty Ann Danna

Judy Graves

Ed & Marry Ellen Hughes

Michael Jacques

David Jacques

Elizabeth Korjenek

Nellie & Robb Genevieve Lillie

Jenny Mauk

Dorothy McDonald

Jim Moulton

Janet Pavilonis

Dennis Pickard

Tom Russo

Marian Spooner

Andy Starr

Frank & Debra Torries

Cort Wahlig


Mark Falso

Bill & Tanya Hoefler

Bob & Jeanne Householder

L. David Stewart

Alfred Taglang

Harry & Lori Walker

Michael Zaidman


Mary Clow

Alan Bell

Channel Bellotto

Robert Bruce

Charlotte Heath

Melanie Holt

Chris Finley

Shane Kirkpatrick

John Miller

James Moulton
Marsha Neary

Vicki Orgill

Edie Plimpton Fleeman

Randy Ray

Gail Rushing

Jeanette Russell

Lori Shelly

Jeanne Sincavage

Skate info network

Cheryl Steiger

Kristen Taylor

Mike Timpe

James Vannurden

Bruce Veillette