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NMRS starts the new year off with a new audio tour

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Do you want to learn more about the history of Roller skating without having to leave your home or spend your own time researching the internet? Check out the National Museum of Roller Skating’s Audio Tour.

The museum is separated into four sections: The History of Roller Skating, Roller Skating in Pop Culture, Roller Skating Competitions, and a final arrangement of Worldwide History.

The History of Roller Skating

The first six audio exhibits cover the history of roller skating:

  1. The First Roller Skates LISTEN

  2. Patented Roller Skates LISTEN

  3. The Father of the Modern Roller Skating LISTEN

  4. Rinking LISTEN

  5. The "Newest" Craze LISTEN

  6. The Disco Era LISTEN

Roller Skating in Pop Culture

The next three audio exhibits cover how roller skating has impacted pop culture.

7. Pop Culture! Skating in Lines: Roller Skating and Comics LISTEN

8. Pop Culture! Orchestras, Organs, & Disco: Music in the Rink LISTEN

9. Pop Culture! Movies: Roller Skating Across the Silver Screen LISTEN

Roller Skating Competitions

Roller Skating has many forms of competition, including hockey, speed, dance, figure, and derby. These competitions have an extensive history and you can hear it all through the following audio exhibits:

10. Competition: The History of Hockey on Wheels LISTEN

11. Competition - Speed Skating LISTEN

12. Competition - Dance Skating LISTEN

13. Competition - Figure Skating LISTEN

14. Competition - Derby LISTEN

Assortment of Roller Skating History

The final few attractions the National Museum of Roller Skating has to offer include a wide variety of different exhibits that cover: When Skating Goes to War, Roller Skating Carhops, Jam Skating, Skating Vanities, and many more.

15. C. W. Lowe's Tent Rink LISTEN

16. When Skating Goes to War LISTEN

17. Skating for Others LISTEN

18. Roller Skating Car Hops LISTEN

19. Jam Skating LISTEN

20. Extravaganza on Wheels: The Skating Vanities LISTEN

21. Vaudeville LISTEN

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