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Roller Skating in the News #12

Let the good times roll! The NMRS is here to update you with recent news from around the country and abroad. Each week the NMRS hopes to share the most recent news on all areas of roller skating -- sport, recreation, and business. If you know of any news articles that highlight roller skating and would like us to share them, please let us know by contacting!

Artistic roller skater with cerebral palsy from Macomb County shares her story

07/06/2023 | Megan Woods and Brandon Carr | Macomb County, MI.

A Macomb County woman is proving that a medical disorder doesn’t have to limit dreams, and she’s using roller skating to do it. See more:

Nashville’s roller skating culture

07/06/2023 | Steve Haruch and Elizabeth Burton | Nashville, TN. Roller skating videos went viral on social media during the lockdown days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a lot of people took up the sport during that time. But the scene here in Nashville has been going strong for decades. See more:

Roller derby to return to Oneonta rink

07/05/2023 | Lauren Takores | Oneonta, NY

The Hill City Rollers, Oneonta’s roller derby league, is gearing up for its first home bout of the year against a scrimmage team made up of skaters from other area teams. See more:

BjornQorn wants to build a giant roller skate sculpture at Skate Time

07/07/2023 | Alexandra Zissu | Accord, NY.

Drivers along Route 209 in Accord may soon be greeted by a giant sculpture of a roller skate. That is, if the popcorn company that owns the vintage roller rink in town can raise $25,000 to fund the project. See more:

Local Speed Skaters Gearing Up for National Meet in Nebraska

07/06/2023 | Ryan Brahm | Manitowoc, WI.

Three local inline speed skaters are packing their bags as they get ready to participate in the USA Roller Sports Speed Skating National Championships. See more:

Unleash Adventure: Electric Roller Skates by Rollwalk - Experience the Thrill of Effortless Mobility and Unbounded Fun

07/03/2023 | Rollwalk | Hong Kong Rollwalk, the trailblazer in E-skates, is set to revolutionize personal electric transportation with their cutting-edge electric roller skates. See more:


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