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Roller Skating in the News #21

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

(09/02/2023 to 09/08/2023)

Let the good times roll! The NMRS is here to update you with recent news from around the country and abroad. The NMRS hopes to share the most recent news each week on all areas of roller skating -- sport, recreation, and business. If you know of any news articles highlighting roller skating and would like us to share them, don't hesitate to get in touch with!

Skating Rink Working to Open in Downtown Crockett

09/08/2023 | Greg Ritchie | Crockett, TX

If all the stars align, the remodeling work gets done, the permits go through and Crockett city council votes to approve the project – Crockett will be getting a roller rink, hopefully by the first of October. See more:

Nili Ringer Goldfarb laced up skates for years before creating Ringer's Roller Rink

09/08/2023 | Marie Coronel | San Diego, CA

Nili Ringer Goldfarb has been lacing up her skates for years. Growing up, she hit the skating rink with her family, played roller derby and eventually coached her own team. See more:

Spandex ‘n skates: A roller disco is popping up at Westwood Village's ‘Broxton Nights'

09/06/2023 | Alysia Gray Painter | Los Angeles, CA

Look to Broxton Nights, in Westwood Village, a monthly happening that features a caboodle of creative makers selling all sorts of interesting wares — think candles, art, and such — and places to buy sips and bites. Oh yes, and enjoy the month-specific theme. And on Sept. 9, the outlook is very much "Roller Disco," thanks to a playful pop-up that's all about free skating instruction and an appearance by the LA Skate Hunnies. See more:

Before the Civic Center skate park, there was a roller rink. Did it work?

09/06/2023 | Adam Shanks | San Franscico, CA

St. Louis roller derby team uses force and finesse to reach No. 2 rank internationally

09/05/202 | Colleen Schrappen | St. Louis, MO

Six clusters of people orbit the rink at St. Louis Skatium on a recent Thursday. In groups of three, they link arms, hands gripping each neighbor’s elbow, to form human tripods. See more:


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