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Roller Skating in the News #5

Let the good times roll! The NMRS is here to update you with recent news from around the country and abroad. Each week the NMRS hopes to share with you the most recent news on all areas of roller skating -- sport, recreation, and business. If you know of any news articles that highlight roller skating and would like us to share them, please let us know them with us!

Google Pixel Pays Dynamic Homage to Black Roller Skating Culture

05/19/2023 | Little Black Book Staff | London, UK

LeSean Harris’ latest, 'Black Skate,' out of Hero Collective is a dynamic homage to Black roller skating culture and community, featuring legendary DJ D-Nice spinning Mr. Cheeks’ 2001 hit 'Lights, Camera, Action!' See more:

Antiques, collectibles store coming to former Roller Dome South location

05/17/2023 | Jamie Duffy | Fort Wayne, In.

Many memories were made at Roller Dome South, the Bluffton Road roller skating rink owned by the Wall family. Sadly, for its fans, the rink that opened in 1972 closed in August 2015, but now will see new life as a vintage and antique mall. Roller Dome North continues to welcome skaters. See more here:

Columbia Parks and Recreation expansion efforts to consider CoMo Roller Derby

05/15/2023 | Nate Brenner, KOMU 8 Reporter | Columbia, MO

The Columbia City Council unanimously approved Phase II of the Columbia Sports Fieldhouse expansion at its meeting Monday, potentially creating a new chapter in a years-long period of negotiations between Columbia Parks and Recreation and the CoMo Roller Derby team. See more here:

It's Your Barbie World with official ‘Barbie: The Movie’ Roller Skates

05/17/2023 | Ashley Pelletier | New York, NY

While Mattel has already launched some apparel featuring the movie logo (and the iconic Barbie poster generator) on its Mattel Creations site, Impala Skates is bringing fans some of the first movie-inspired merch by dropping a set of fluorescent yellow roller skates, just like the ones Ryan Gosling’s Ken has in the trailer! See more:

North side couple putting plans into place for roller rink

05/20/2023 | Craig Fox | Watertown, NY

Plans are rolling on to covert the former North Side Improvement League into a roller skating rink.

How a skate group is carving out space for representation and equity

05/14/2023 | Meg Hilling | Cincinatti, OH

"I want people to get rid of their idea of what they think a skater is, because whatever you're thinking is wrong," DJ Gooden said. Meet DJ Gooden, the founder of Black Girls Skate, a nonprofit working to challenge the idea of who can be a skater. See more here:


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